Index Your website, business, favorite public figure or public celebrity, etc here Eternal Vanity Indexing. is a search engine created to find a better way to retrieve what You are seeking. is highlighting media about role models, aspiring models and inspiring model, actors, actresses, performers, dancers, people, places and things. is related to the social network and of course Your welcome there also.

Because the Web Search wants to be more honest and clearer then any other, we hope that You will read all of this page, to understand everything including that in NO way does the domain follow its viewers (We stand for Freedom).

There is only two acceptations, when posting a report or complaint ... that is being traced to pinpoint where and who is creating the complaint. This is only because competing websites create faults reports for many reasons. For an example ABC News created a media story that was deprivation of creator about a person in Eternal Vanity, only to make a story to fill time in their TV show. Maybe without knowing, they where hurting an innocent person.

That is one reason, we need to know if the report is fact. I'm not trying to be mean to ABC, I'm only stating a fact. Also people claim to be someone they are not, only to have Eternal Vanity remove media that is greater than theirs. Keep in mind Eternal Vanity is possibly the largest underground media in the world, sometimes having more visitors then the main stream media. and are more than a search engine, media and a social network. It is the new internet that will keep growing from underground. No share holders very few sponsors and will soon allow small and big business as replacement sponsors for a better results. As found on all sites from Eternal Vanity to itsVanity, anyone can see it is better than all others.

Your privacy is very important to in a time when most website trace everything internet users are doing and are going. has NO tracing codes outside of what was explained above. The only reason there is a tracing codes on report and contact pages, is to make sure that anyone with a false complaint is traced to know what is fake or not. will know what is fake.

This is a safe search. Many website indexed on this search engine have be screened. All Search Engines, including, and have adult content. Some search's on may include adult content (all adult content must be of people 18 years and older) however, there is no were near as much as the ones listed above and there is no sick content here, like they do. Underage people must have there legal guardians permission and supervision when using media. Because this is a "free market" media it is hard to keep track of all content on the Search Engine, however, it is a much more clean web search than the others. With a guarantee that this search engine is more safe than any other. Your safety is Eternal Vanity's main goal.

Many websites made by Eternal Vanity, like the website listed here, are approved by the person and, or the legal guardians that the website is about. This is different then normal search engines, they are websites E.V. made. Some are found here and here. The pictures and info are exclusive and copyright to those websites. Some Eternal Vanity websites have public domain content, however to be safe from copyright infringement, people should never take content from Eternal Vanity websites. only displays photos and information that are Public Domain or the photos were given to the owner's. made sure that all photos and information on display do not state copyright restriction.

NOTE: The "bridge" data of all photos on display have no copyright notice and have no author. believes all photos on display are not in violation of any copyright law. If you are the owner of a copyrighted photo that is on and you oppose your photo being on display, please write a detailed message to the e-mail listed below, about who you are, what your claim is with a call back number (IMPORTANT: Make sure you have proof that you are the rightful owner of the photo, in order to prevent claims of copyright fraud when the rightful owner wants the photo to be public) and your photo will be removed immediately. E-Mail

All photo cut outs, backgrounds, headers, footers, logos, templates, scripts, forms & graphics on Eternal Vanity sites are made by Lana Casey & Dustin Casey and are copyright. It is not legal to take our created art.

We thank You for choosing E.V. as Your #1 source for true online media + more. Our feed back about E.V. websites show that 100% of people prefer Eternal Vanity websites over all other information web sites.

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